About Us

Grow Vuna Initiatives Promotes Organic, Eco-Green, Solar Energy & Healthy Living.

Keeping the environment clean & green.

Research & Run Educational Workshops.

Meet the challenges of Environmental & Climate Changes.

Grow Vuna Initiatives Ltd:

GVI Promotes Organic, Eco-Green & Healthy Living. This is a small family run business. This forum aims to research and run educational workshops pertaining to keeping the environment clean & green & meet the challenges of Environmental & Climate Changes. We promote to protect the Virgin Forests and/or Forest Reserves from ruthless deforestation. As Indigenous Fijians, we handpick & possess an eye for details on goods & art that depict the uniqueness of Spirit of Fijianness. Our A-Team specialize in identifying merchandise as such, eg; Vuna Virgin Coconut Oil and more. You can place your orders or purchase products online via this Facebook Forum. We target all age groups with specific interests to protect Rural Fiji and other Pacific Islands. Most importantly to earn some money as Family Entrepreneurs.

“Indigenous languages are not only methods of communication, but also extensive and complex systems of knowledge that have developed over millennia. They are central to the identity of indigenous peoples, the preservation of their cultures, worldviews and visions and an expression of self-determination.”

UN Department of Public Information